Washington, D.C.

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washington dc

The US national capital is not just the center of government but is also the hotbed of plenty of B2B and B2G selling.  Our forth chapter to open in October 2015, we have featured stellar sales speakers of the likes of Andy Miller and Bill Cates, but also top sales execs such as Mary Beth Cockerham and Ellen Patterson.

Contact our GMs Richard Rothstein and Kurt Greening for more information about attending, volunteering, speaking, or sponsoring our DC chapter.


Richard Rothstein

Richard Rothstein


Richard Rothstein helps businesses solve any problems they are having in their sales tactics, techniques, tools, or teams as founder of Rothstein Consulting. His clients appreciate his over decades work of sales, marketing, and management experience and he enjoys helping with the DC Chapter of the ESF.

Kurt Greening

Kurt Greening


Kurt has an MBA and has over 20 years experience leading sales teams and line of business operations. While working at NetApp,the company grew from 800M to over 6B, making it one of the 5 fastest growing companies with over one Billion in annual sales. While at Xgility, his team grew revenue 5x and the company was listed on the Inc 5000 three times. He currently leads the East and Federal teams for Puppet. 


The Strategic Power of Networking

When I got involved in the NYC startup scene some years back, I had zero network. In order to be seen as a valuable member of the community, I drew up a plan to actively network and target events and places where entrepreneurs would hang out. A year after I put the...

Writing as Your Sales Superpower

"Good writing is good conversation, only more so." - Ernest Hemingway Not too long ago, my buddy John Barrow invited me onto his Facebook Live show to rap on a topic that was getting a lot of attention with his clients. Sales leaders were asking if he had any tips to...

Becoming a Strategic Sales Thinker

"Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it." - Henry Ford Do you play chess? I do and I am terrible.  Still, I’m drawn to it. I love the complexities; the game forces me to think in different ways -- because by only...