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We host monthly sales talks that provide opportunities to learn, collaborate, and connect with growth minded professionals seeking to achieve excellence in the realm of B2B sales.

Upcoming Events

Rate My Pitch!

Calling all prospecters!  Ever wonder what you need to do to increase your success rates, from cold emails, calls and video messages?  Have no fear, Rate My Pitch is hitting Toronto to help you do just that! Our judges will be talking about how to improve your messaging in order to get more positive conversations!  We have […]

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Planning and Prioritization, Vital Tips to do Your Best Work

We have gathered an outstanding group of ambitious sales leaders and sales reps who will discuss all things about planning and prioritization. These are two of the most important words that will help make you incredibly successful as a growing sales pro. They will cover everything from mutual plans, accounts, leads, lead sources, using intelligent […]

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Enterprise Prospecting – Strategies and Tactics for Building Pipeline

In the world of prospecting, there are a lot of ideas floating about how to best prospect for new business.  Many of these ideas are also terrible.  With buyers getting swamped with emails that say things like "just check in" or "never heard back" or "don't mean to interrupt", buyers are tuning out!  That simply will not work […]

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Becoming a Strategic Sales Thinker

"Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it." - Henry Ford Do you play chess? I do and I am terrible.  Still, I’m drawn to it. I love the complexities; the game forces me to think in different ways -- because by only...

Salespeople As Athletes

Everyone has that picture in their head of the prototypical sales rep. I am not talking about the used car salesman image, but the one of the über successful salesperson. Tall and good looking, outgoing, and probably athletic. Of course, having known many sales people...

Playing the Long Game

It went down as one of the greatest drives in Super Bowl history. Down 16-13 with 3:10 left on the clock and the ball on the 8 yard line, Joe Montana and the 49ers methodically marched down the field to score the game winning touchdown. It cemented the 49ers’ legacy...

Can You Just Tell Me the Price?

One day I stopped into a gas station convenience store on the way to a client meeting. I went to the front counter, found a pack of gum, and plopped it down on the counter. “How much?” I mumbled absently. The man at the register just stared at me. “Ah, how much for...